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Fine Artisanal Belgian Chocolates

Our Valentine's assortment is here!

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Have you ever wondered if you should get her chocolates or jewelry, or both, and where to get them?
Well how about you get both, right here!
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Now Available at Webster Hall, NYC

Look for the chocolate man on the weekends for chocolate-covered coffee beans and fancy chocolate bars, or ask at the bar for the Red Bull truffle!!!

Fine Handmade chocolates, in New York City.
Providing unique flavors, textures and shapes by using unique combinations of spices, fruits, nuts and fine liquors.
Most of our ingredients are organic, and all are carefully chosen.
Our collection is expanding so stay tuned, we only batch by the dozen and new flavors are in the making. In fact most are done to order. We can design a specific flavor for you. Drop us a note.
box gift assortment

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High-Quality Gourmet Pralines and Bars

Hand Made in New York City

Pralines, the belgian way, consist in a chocolate shell filled with cream, ganache, nuts, fruit pastes or brandy. Including elements from the culinary world such as the use of savory spices, and from the cocktail world such as including combinations of liquors and bitters, our collection will satisfy the most refined palate in search of chocolate sensations.
Truffles, Pralines and Bars, made with the finest ingredients available. Organic ingredients such as nuts and fruits, fine liquors, spices, essences and infusions. Combined with savoir-faire by your belgian chocolatier, in the tradition of great chocolates with a modern twist, an artistic vision.


box gift assortment

Treat Yourself

The Experience of a Lifetime

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For a Truffle like you never had before

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Chocolats Meurens makes Vegan rhymes with Extravagant
Because we don't want it to sound like a restriction, we put together original recipes that don't make use of dairy but use instead organic unsweetened coconut milk, which enhance the texture of the ganache and the flavor of exotic spices and herbs. Browse our new items to see which flavors and combinations we have available.

Our Classic collection:

Delicates pralines with creamy, aromatic fillings, gourmet chocolate bars with luscious nut pastes and mousses. Please note that we are an artisanal chocolate maker: except during holidays seasons, we do each box to order, and it may take up to 72 hours to make these chocolates, and put together this awesome deliciousness that you are looking for. If you place an order today, your chocolates will be ready in 3 days, and shipped on the next business day.

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