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Hardshell truffles with soft centers.

Filled with ganaches made with organic fresh cream or coconut milk, organic nuts, fine liquors, spices and essences.

Decorated with colored white chocolate and/or luster dusts.

No egg or egg products, no conservatives (other than the natural properties of the ingredients), no chemicals added.

Your chocolates are either made to order or are just freshly made. Shelf is Life 3-4 Weeks.

These chocolates comes in boxes of 2, 6, 12 or 25, other formats availables upon request possibles.

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Our Truffle and Praline Collection

This collection is open and constantly evolving. The four top are the basis of our permanent collection.
Visit our new blog: making chocolates for detailed stories and explanation about each of them.


With Sirop Meurens Apricot, white chocolate Armagnac ganache on a bed of caramelized almonds

Early Century

Liquid Crystals of Absinthe, Gin and Grand Marnier



Dark center with butter and Crème de Cassis


Extra-Dark butter truffle with Ardbeg 10 Years


Coffee ganache with Cognac in dark chocolate

Café au Lait

Coffee ganache with Cognac in milk, white and dark chocolate swirl


Coffee ganache with cognac in white chocolate

Dark Crazy Diamond

Cream Ganache with Gin, Orange and Seven other ingredients


Passionfruit Buttercream with bit of dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts


Limoncello dark buttercream, dipped in white chocolate, sprinkled with organic lemon zest.

Chocolate Mousse

Dark chocolate mousse with a bed of caramelized hazelnuts.


Pistachio cream

no alcohol


Organic Vanilla Fondant

no alcohol


Raspberry Powder, Raspberry Reduction, Raspberry essence and Cognac Ganache


Cream Ganache with Cognac, Champagne and Angostura


Hawaiian Red Salt, Rosemary, Fennel, Pink Peppercorn, Cayenne Pepper, Coconut Milk and Rum



Irish cream and Whisky with Organic Clover Honey


Oolong infused coconut milk and Orange infused Scotch


The eXtraOrdinaire

Hennessy XO truffles with deep milk chocolate center, french butter and cream

The Queen-Mother

Natural Honey and Propolis

Vegan, no alcohol

Magic Raspberry

Raspberry, Gianduja and Armagnac Ganache


Garam Masala with extra Cardamum and Cinnamon

Vegan, no alcohol


A 1528 Aztec Recipe. Cinnamon, Clove, Anise, Cayenne Pepper, Orange Flower and Tequila Añejo



Cream Ganache with Raspberry

Puerto Rico

Lime, Mint and Coconut Rum


Cashew, almond and gianduja with butter and cream

No alcohol

La Liegeoise

With Sirop Meurens, apple and pear, white chocolate Armagnac ganache on a bed of caramelized hazelnuts

White Crazy Diamond

Cream Ganache with Gin, Orange and Seven other ingredients


Rosemary infused ganache and Sicilian Sea Salt

no alcohol

Magic Raspberry

Raspberry, Gianduja and Armagnac Ganache


Gianduja ganache


Crunchy pistachio paste

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The recipes in our collection may slightly vary. Top quality ingredients are always used.

Voyages in Chocolate

Handmade pralines with organic heavy cream, organic nuts, rare essences and spices, herbs, top-shelf liquors and premium belgian chocolate
   Most of these chocolates are filled with ganaches, made of dark chocolate mixed with organic heavy cream or organic coconut milk and various organic nuts, fine liquors, natural essences, spices, fruits, syrups and sometimes butter.
   They sould be kept at room temperature. If the ambient heat stays above 84°F/28°c they will be very soft, and keeping them in the fridge is an option, but be patient and let them go back to room temperature without opening the package to avoid condensation.
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